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saxbo enormous_unique_eva_staehr_nielsenfrontAbout us:

CHM-Collection is the result of a long desire to deal with objects of art. The collection which has been built up during the last 15 years displays, among others, objects designed and manufactured by some of the most distinguished Scandinavian pottery and furniture makers as well as South East Asian Antiques. Each Gallery displays several pictures of each item as our aim is to create a website with care for detail publication of background material about artists, manufactures and history in each item description or on our blog to the extent that such information is available We hope that you will enjoy the Collection whether for pure curiosity or with the intention to buy.

Items for sale

You can purchase some of the items in the Collection by following the checkout instructions. We accept payment via bank transfer or PayPal. Even the most detailed description and picture of an item does not substitute the direct experience with a piece so any purchase not meeting your expectations can be returned to us within 14 days after receipt.


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If you are looking for a particular item from related artist and manufacturers, please contact us by with information on the item and the your price expectation. We will try to hunt it for you among our network of contacts and will advise you should we find what you are looking for.