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max le_verrier_abes_new_item

Max le Verrier

Beautiful pair of chimpanzee Art Deco bookends by French sculptor, Max Le Verrier (1891-1973). Le Verrier is considered by some to be one of the foremost French Art Deco sculptors. The sculpture’s hefty green-bronze cast metal has developed a deep and lustrous patina with age and is mounted on a black marble base.



saxbo eva_staehr_nielsen_new_item

Large Saxbo Vase

Stunningly beautiful large Saxbo in green glaze. Marked with the Saxbo yin-yang symbol,“Saxbo Denmark”, an upside 2 and two turner marks (Four Dots for tuner Sigurd Kjær and one large dot for turner Børre Hansen) and E.ST.N for Eva Staehr Nielsen.  


saxbo gunnar_nylund_newitem Nylund & Krebs Vase 1929/1930  

Extremely rare Saxbo bowl in the very rare Birkebark’s glaze and designed and painted by Gunnar Nylund himself before leaving Saxbo in 1930. The bowl is marked with the Kiln, N&K for Nylund & Krebs , the model number 24, the size number III as well as GN for Gunnar Nylund. One side depicts a fish whereas the other side depicts a crayfish.The Birkebark glaze was presented in 1929 and was used during the period until Gunnar Nylund left Saxbo in December 1930, he created a series of vases and ashtrays in white glaze underpainted with iron and rutile, a glaze he called “Birkebark” and which this vase is a wonderful example of.  



yngveekstrm newitemYngve Ekström "Bangkok" Cabinet

Striking “Bangkok” cabinet by Yngve Ekström, made from teak with a graphic, embossed pattern on the door fronts. Details made in beech create a subtle contrast. Yngve founded the company Ese Möbler in 1945 together with his brother Jerker in the 1940’s. The company later changed its name to Swedese in the 1960’s and is still in existence as of today. Together with colleagues like Alvar Aalto, Bruno Mathsson and Arne Jacobsen, Yngve Ekström contributed to make the concept of “Scandinavian Modern” famous throughout the world. His furniture has been exhibited all over the world and are represented among others on the Victoria & Albert museum in London



rispal lampnewitem Rispal "Mantis" Floor Lamp

Iconic in its kind, this Rispal 'praying mantis' tripod teak base floor lamp is a beautiful and classic piece, with a rare to find original bubble shade. The lamp with its sculptural, zoomorphic mahogany frame, designed, circa 1950. This model is inspired by the work of artist Jean (Hans) Arp and is described in “1000 lights 1879 to 1959” by Taschen on page 419