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Hans Wegner   Sh 4f5343e0821431950-2000:

For this period, the Collection is exclusively dedicated to Mid-Century Scandinavian Design. Scandinavian design was was very influential at this time, with a style characterized by simplicity, democratic design and natural shapes. The Collection includes icon furnitures (Danish Modern) and Ceramics made by some of the most famous designers at the time which all contributed to marking a style now recognized by scholars and museums worldwide as a significant design movement.




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 Poul Kj  rholm  4f539a2c44166

Poul Kjærholm -PK31 Sofa


Teak Magazine Ta 4f476fb6d3785

Teak Magazine Table



G.Nylund-Vase with Slanted Spout



Danish Teak Chai 4f476d85b3d17

Danish Teak Chair


Tripod Cocoon La 4f47709ad8132

Tripod Cocoon Lamp



V. Petersen- Small Geometric Bowl

Hans Wegner   Sh 4f5343e082143

Hans Wegner-Shell Chair



A. Bang - Spherically Shaped Vase



A.Bang- Abstract Flared Vase

Peter Hvidt Arm  4f476ea7188cb

Peter Hvidit Arm Chair


Nils Thorsson    4f4d5b653a8d9

N.Thorsson-Brown Fish Marselis Dish



A. Bang- Large Rived Vase