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Burmese Shan Buddha

Price (piece): €850,00
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Origin: Burma

Period: 18-19th Century

Material: Wood, Lacquer

Size: H: 21 cm [8.3 inch], W: 12 cm [4.7 inch]

Details and Condition: : Gilded Shan Buddha sitting on a high several tier throne in the Calling the Earth to Withness posture with the right arm pendant over the right knee with the palm turned inward and the left hand lying on the lap with palm upward as a gesture of meditation. The body is rigid and the legs are crossed so that the soles of both feet are turned up. The robe, a representation of Buddha’s humility, is depicted in the "open mode" leaving the right shoulder and breast uncovered. On his head Buddha is an immensely tall flame to symbolize wisdom and enlightenment. The base has some termite damage common for many ancient Buddha statues.