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Cambodian Bronze Uma

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Origin: Cambodia

Period: 12-13th Century [Khmer - Bayon Period]

Material: Bronze

Size: H: 18 cm [7 inch], W: 8 cm [3 inch] – Height including stand 24 cm [9 inch]

Details and Condition: : Cambodian Khmer bonze figure of four-armed Uma. The image is a nicely cast and has a beautiful green patina. She is well preserved, with no damage or restoration. Her feminine body is adorned with a headdress, necklace and bracelets and a richly detailed belt. Uma, also referred to as Parvati, is the wife of Lord Shiva and the divine mother of Lord Ganesh. The attributes clockwise from the proper lower right hand, are a ball, a disk and a conch. The forth hand would probably have rested on a club o mace which is now missing. The ball represents the earth; the disk is the symbol of power and the conch, emanating from the element of water, symbolizes the origin of existence.