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Saxbo B 076 (1949-1968)

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Studio: Saxbo

Designer: Eva Staehr Nielsen (1911-1976)

Period: 1950´s

Country: Denmark

Size: H: 8 cm [3.1 inches], W: 6 cm [2.6 inches]

Details and Condition: Miniature bottle vase in hare’s fur glaze with incised decorations by Eva Staehr Nielsen for Saxbo. Marked with the Saxbo yin-yang symbol encircled, the model number 76, “Saxbo Denmark”, ESTN and the number 9. This pieces is second quality as marked with two lines and is from the period from 1958-1968. Eva Staehr-Nielsen joined Saxbo in June 1932. Among her first independent works were a spherical teepot and “Spaltekanden” which were both produced for years at Saxbo. Out of the co-operation Krebs-Staehr Niesen grew the classic Saxbo Style with simple ball, cone and cylinder shapes in pure glaze colors. Staehr Nilesen made the sketches of her ideas, had them thrown and Krebs were decided on the appropriate glaze and color for the piece. For many years Staehr Nielsen’s work was entirely undecorated. Later she used modest decorations in the form of engravings etc. to give the glazes different expression and colour varying with the thickness of the layer applied. In the last years at Saxbo she also used underpaint and slipping. When Saxbo closed in 1968, Staehr Nilesen went to Royal Copenhagen where she worked until her death in 1976. Saxbo (1930-1968) is now widely recognized as one of the finest independent ceramic workshops in Scandinavia with a wide and far ranging influence on several generations of ceramicists. Today, pieces are included in the collections of the Copenhagen Industrial Arts Museum, The Swedish National Museum, the New York Museum of Modern Art and the New York Metropolitan Museum of Arts.