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Cambodian Bronze Uma

Price (piece): €2 700,00
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Origin: Cambodia

Period: 12-13th Century [Khmer - Bayon Period]

Material: Bronze

Size: H: 15 cm [6.9 inch], W: 5 cm [2 inch] – Height including stand 21 cm [8.3 inch],

Details and Condition: : Khmer bronze Uma with rare blue patina, standing on a rectangular base. She is naked from the waist up, with a slim waist, firm breasts and broad shoulders that convey both delicacy and strength. Her elbows are flexed, with floral-motif armlets around each bicep and an ornate diademic torque around her neck. Each hand hold lotus buds she is wearing long striated sampot, her face represents ridged eyebrows, broad nose, nice rounded chest, pouting lips, elongated earlobes with pendeloque ear rings, with a conical-shaped headdress, pectoral, armlets, bracelets and anklets.