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Cambodian Sandstone Buddha on Naga

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Origin: Cambodia

Period: 12th Century [Angkor Period]

Material: Sandstone

Size: H: 20 cm [7.9 inch], W: 12 cm [4.7 inch]

Details and Condition: : Khmer Sandstone Buddha protected by Naga. The Naga forms a throne with the three coils of its body and then rears up behind Buddha spreading its hood with the seven heads resembling the crown of a three. Buddha is seated on the coil in a posture of meditation, with legs tucked under and hands folded in his lap. This iconography relates to the story of the Naga, Mucilinda who, during a torrential rainstorm that lasted seven days, emerged to shelter the Buddha meditating on the sixth days of his enlightenment. The status is starkly unadorned with the muscles of Buddha quite accurately suggested.