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Cambodian Sandstone Guardian Lion

Price (piece): €1 800,00
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Origin: Cambodia

Period: 12-13th Century [Bayon Period]

Material: Sandstone

Size: H: 25 cm [9.8 inch], W: 11 cm [4.3 inch],

Details and Condition: : Khmer Sandstone Guardian Lion. The lion rigid in stance displays an extreme stylization of volume and line not drawn with inspiration from a live animal. The lion stands square on almost cylindrical legs, the eyes bulge and stare at the visitor; the mouth exposing its sharp teeth and fangs in a terrifying grin ready to bite. The mane is rendered by a series of small curls and the hair of the chest is similarly treated as an ornamental breastplate. The status has been somehow badly restored as the head has been separated from the body at some point in time.