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Cambodian Bronze Deity

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Origin: Cambodia

Period: 12-13th Century [Bayon Period]

Material: Bronze

Size: H: 11 cm [6.3 inch], W: 3 cm [1.2 inch] – Height including stand 13 cm [ 5.1 inch],

Details and Condition: : : A small bronze figure with a beautiful green patina. The figure is elongated with wide shoulders and narrow pelvis tough the head is somewhat large. She is wearing a calf-length wraparound skirt held in place by a jeweled belt from which hangs pendants of leaf-like sizes. Skirt and breasts declares her to be female but in body ornamentation and features and hairstyle she is no different than male bronze figures. Upon her forehead she bears what seems to be a thirds eye as a sign of spiritual perfection and which could indicate that the figure is representation goddess Prajnaparamita