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Axel Salto

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Studio: Royal Copenhagen

Designer: Axel Salto (1889-1961)(1906-1981)

Period: 1960´s

Country: Denmark

Size: H: 12 cm [5.7 inch], W: 8 cm [5.7 inch]

Details and Condition: Stoneware budding vase in sung glaze by Axel Salto for Royal Copenhagen. Incised Salto, the model number 20679, three wavy lines and Royal Copenhagen. The mark under the G in Copenhagen indicated the production period to be from 1969-1974. Axel Salto is probably the most important Danish designer of ceramic art. Salto interpreted motives from the plant world and created pieces with surface structures that rippled with dynamic energy and dramatic lines.Salto used Chinese and classic glazes such as the “solfatara” and “sung”, to clothe his organic creations. Over time, Salto worked in three main styles; first the fluted style which was based on simple repetitive patterns; then the budding style which is said to have been inspired by chestnuts and eucalyptus fruits; finally the sprouting style which is a reflection of the natural power of growing plants.His breakthrough as a ceramist came after a successful contribution for the Paris World Exhibition in 1925 for which he designed a number of stoneware pieces for the Danish manufacturer Bing & Grondahl. Axel Salto won numerous awards throughout the years including the Grand Prix at the Milan Triennale 1951. For most of his career, Salto worked at Royal Copenhagen. This legendary manufacturer produced Salto´s designs from the 1930´s until after his death.