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Cambodian Bronze Ganesh

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Origin: Cambodia

Period: 12-13th Century [Bayon Period]

Material: Bronze

Size: H: 13 cm [5 inch], W: 8 cm [3 inch]

Details and Condition: Extremely rare Khmer bronze Ganesha with a beautiful green patina. His short sampot is a mark of Bayon Style. Folded over and pleated in the front, the cloth conceals in his belt. The elegant pendant and lotus flower shaped buckles carefully arranged to fan out the top and bottom create a decorative effect. The ornament adorning his forehead is reminiscent of a third eye with the crown of hair being cone-shaped. In the right hand the Ganesha is holding his own broker off tusk, which is consequently missing from his right jaw. This mutilation symbolizes that the act of violence is an initiation to another stage of life. The Ganesha is setting on what is left on the lotus blossom.