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Gladenbeck - Bronze Faun

Price (Pieza): €850,00
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Manufacturer: Gladenbeck, Berlin

Country: Germany, ca 1890

Material: Bronze

Size: H: 29.5 cm [11.6 inches], W: 9.5 cm [3.7 inches], Weight: ca 2300 grams

: Faun with cymbals, c1890.Marked: Akt.-Ges. v. H. Gadenbeck u. Sohn. 
 The Gladenbeck foundry was founded by Carl Gustav Hermann Gladenbeck in 1851 and was run by various family members and shareholders until the early years of the 20th Century. In 1857 the company relocated to Berlin, and in 1888 became Aktien-Gesellschaft H. Gladenbeck und Sohn; directed by Hermann Gladenbeck and sons Oskar and Alfred and the present bronze was produced by this foundry. By the early 20th century the company had become Gladenbeck's Bronzegieβerei, founded by sons Walter and Paul. The company went bankrupt in 1926.