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Czech Republic - Schlevogt "Ingrid" Vase

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Manufacturer: Schlevogt

Designer : Arthur Plewa

Country: Czech Republic

Period: 1930's

Material: Malachite Glass

Size: H: 25 cm [9.8 inches] and W 16 cm [6.3 inches]

Details and Condition: : Art deco malachite “Ingrid” glass vase with four semi nude female figures, moulded in glass relief alternating with vertical ribs. The design is by Arthur Plewa and it was produced by Curt Schlevogt. Curt Schlevogt started his career at Heinrich Hoffmann as responsible for the pressed/molded glass manufacturing. In 1928 he established his own glass company. Schlevogt initially traded glass jewelry, beads and buttons, but later became - together with Heinrich Hoffmann's firm - the main producer of so called art crystal: delicate crystal figures, small bottles and vases that were created using molds. Curt's son, Henry Günther Schlevogt, who also was Hoffman´s son-in-law, took over his father's firm in 1934 and soon introduced the first collection of pressed glass. The collection was called "Ingrid", named after his then 4 year old daughter. It was displayed at the spring fair in Leipzig in 1934. The collection was open and gradually received new patterns. The most impressive ones, from an artistic point of view, were the result of the company’s collaboration with leading artists like Ladislav Přenosil, Zdeněk Juna, František Pazourek, Artur Pleva, M. Petrucci, E. Rottenberg and many others.The collection was initially dominated by toilet and flacon sets and later also by glass sculptures, vases, lamps, liquor sets, devotional articles and minute glass objects. The company gained fame with its use of jade (green) and lapis (blue) colored glass which was made and molded in the glassworks of the Riedel company.