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Saxbo B (1949-1968)

Price (Pieza): €400,00
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Studio: Saxbo

Designer: Eva Staehr Nielsen (1911-1976)

Period: 1950-60’s

Country: Denmark

Size: H: 11 cm [4.3 inches], W: 10 cm [3,9 inches]

Details and Condition: Very decorative wide neck vase by Eva Staehr Nielsen for Saxbo. Marked with the Saxbo yin-yang symbol encircled, “Saxbo Denmark , four dots (mark of Sigurd Kjær (Saxbo's master turner), a horizontal 6 and the initials of Eva Staehr Nielsen. The yin-yang symbol encircled was used in the period from 1949-1968. Eva Staehr-Nielsen joined Saxbo in June 1932. For almost 20 years from 1932-1952 she was Saxbo’s only artist designer and although other designer brought some renewal of production, the ceramist representing the company's artistic profile, is Eva Stæhr-Nielsen to whom the classic Saxbo style should be attributed.