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Studio: Arne Bang Studio

Designer: Arne Bang (1901-1983)

Period: 1930’s

Country: Denmark

Size: H: 14 cm [5.5 inch], W: 9 cm [3.5 inch]

Details and Condition: An Arne Bang studio pottery vase. The 5.5 inch tall vase has a ribbed surface and is covered with a speckled green matte. Hand-signed with Bang's stylised "AB" and the model number "37". The Danish Master art potter Arne Bang is is recognized for his stoneware vases and bowls produced from 1930-1960. Bang was originally trained as a sculptor, which is visible in his masterful approach to creating his pottery. He worked in his own atelier as well as for Holmegaard Ipsen and represented Denmark at the 1925 Paris Decorative Arts Exposition, which is considered the birthplace of the art deco movement.