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Herend - Wrestlers

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Studio: Herend

Designer: Béla Pankotai Farkas (1885-1945)

Period: 1936

Country: Hungary

Size: H: 40 cm [16.4 inch], W: 19 cm [7.5 inch]

Details and Condition: The Herend - “Wrestlers” sculpture was commissioned by Herend to the sculptor Béla Pankotai Farkas for the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Signed B. Farkas on base and including the Herend mark and model number.The figure in represented in the book "The Art of Hungarian Porcelain” by Gyozo Sikota on page 74. Bela Pankotai Farkas's "Wrestlers" is a skilful representation of a classic movement of Greek-Roman wrestling, for this figure he has chosen to depict the moment when one of the wrestlers lifts his opponent off the ground. Little information is available on Farkas and his works and he is not included in the list of Hungarian sculptors. In addition to public sculptures, heroic monuments he also made plaques and tomstones. Known works include the bronze statue of architect Ödön Lechner, the monument to the Polish Legionnaires in Népliget, and the statue of the Undressing Girl in front of the Tidal Bath which received the Halmos Small Sculpture Prize in 1930. An example of heroic monuments by Farkas is the memorial sculpture for the victims of WWI from 1929 in the churchyard of the Hungarian town of Lenti which shows a dying Hungarian soldier whose sword is taken over by a young ardent fighter.