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Axel Brüel

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Studio: Nymølle

Designer: Axel Brühl(1900-1977)

Period: 1950´s

Country: Denmark

Size: H: 10 cm [3.9 inch], W: 11 cm [4.3 inch]

Details and Condition:: Very rare slate blue semi-matte glazed spherically shaped vase marked with the Nymolle, Denmark imprinted logo, and hand-signed with Axel Bruel's easily recognizable “A” over “B” monogram signature. Axel Brüel was trained as a painter at the Copenhagen Academy of Art. His later interest in pottery led to work for several of the major factories in Denmark, including Royal Copenhagen. In 1928 he established his own studio and he exhibited frequently in Denmark and abroad. He became an artist in residence at Nymoelle in 1944 where he remained until 1959 From 1963-1967, he returned as artistic adviser at Nymolle. Today his works are included in the poetry exhibitions of the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art and the British Museum.