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Alexander Rothaug

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Artist:Alexander Rothaug (Austrian, 1870-1946)

Size: L: 35 cm [13.8 inch], H: 30 cm [11.8 inch] - Including Frame [44*40 cm]

Details and Condition::Pencil drawing by painter and illustrator Alexander Rothaug. Alexander Rothaug was a very well known Austrian painter, stage designer, illustrator and graphic artist who was active during the late 19th - early 20th century. In 1885-1892 he studied at the Vienna Academy and later in Munich. Rothaug began exhibiting around the year 1900 in Munich where he worked for a few years as an illustrator of the magazine "Fliegende Blaetter" until he moved back to Vienna around. 1910. Rothaug’s work show a clear predilection for Classical mythology and German legends asin this drawing titled “the Offering of Isaac.